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Setting up an LED Wall for xR Stage - A Comprehensive Guide

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for setting up an LED wall on the xR stage. It provides a step-by-step guide, starting from creating a flat floor base and concluding with the addition of appropriate counterweights to guarantee stability and safety throughout performances.

Before Installation:

1. Please allocate a 1-meter space in advance for the stacking installation;

2. Please ensure that all accessories are counted and thoroughly inspected to verify their good condition and complete quantity;

3. Check and clean the ground to ensure it is FLAT and clean; Use a horizontal ruler to adjust all the base rails and base bars to the same level.

Example Specification: "L" shaped xR stage, 3 m x 2 m

Step 1 Set up the Floor Base/Support

To create a sturdy floor base, start by connecting the base rails A through the rail connector and connecting them with screws. Next, horizontally position three connected base rails A. Then, vertically align seven base rails B according to the hole positions of the base rails A.

Step 2 Install the Stacking Frame

To achieve the desired height, simply adjust the adjustable support of the base bar accordingly; Connect the base bar with a bolt; Connect the base truss and base bar with bolts and lock them with B-shaped bolts; Connect the rear truss and base truss with bolts and connect them with B-shaped bolts.

Step 3 Install the Cabinet

Floor: To begin, align the holes and place the cabinet on the base bar. The installation principle follows from the middle to both sides. Employ a vacuum tool to remove modules while installing the floor in order to lock the cabinet securely and neatly arrange the wiring.

Backdrop: Start by aligning the holes on the base bar and placing the cabinet on top. Secure the cabinet in place using a rear connector. Next, utilize the locking system to connect adjacent cabinets and secure them to the rear truss with other rear connectors. Finally, proceed to organize the wiring, ensuring the proper arrangement of power and signal cables.

Step 4 Install the Crossbar and Add Counterweights

Install the crossbar on the rear truss and add appropriate counterweights according to actual requirements and weight.


Video Guide :