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What are the basic hardware for virtual production锛
  • LED panel
  • Processor
  • Camera tracking system
  • PC tower
  • Camera
  • Media service
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What is LED IP rating?
LED IP rating is a rating that allows you to determine the level of protection from water, dust and other contaminants that a product has. It is one of several international standards for measuring the performance of electrical equipment.
Can I install an LED display by myself?
It is recommended that you hire a professional to install an LED display as it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Besides VisionMax will give their installation advice and support to your needs.
What are required for LED ceiling installation?
1 The viewing angle of the LED screen should be large, choose a mask without a brim or with no mask;
2 Fix the module with screws or choose the magnetic modules. Whether to increase the magnetic force should be evaluated;
3 Adds a safety rope to the module;
4 The weight per unit area of the cabinet should be as light as possible;
5 Product selection needs to consider the cost and convenience of installation and maintenance.
What are some tips for operating an LED display?
To get the most out of your LED display, consider these tips:
1 Use high-quality content that is optimized for the display's resolution and aspect ratio.
2 Adjust the brightness and contrast settings to match the lighting conditions in the environment.
3 Schedule regular maintenance and cleaning to keep the display in good condition.
4 Monitor the display's performance and address any issues promptly to avoid downtime.
What is Platform Design锛

Platform design means different Pixel Modules can be used on one cabinet frame. In that case, you can greatly save money on product, accessories and training.

Our VN Plus Series, VN Pro Series and VNT Series are all platform design.

Why choose VisionMax as your LED display manufacturer?
  • Excellent Quality

           Manufacturing System and Standard of YAHAM;

           Advantages of Large-scale Collection and Quality Supply Chain System;

           Standardized Production;

           Strict Quality Inspection

  • Reliable After-sales Service
           Global Layout of Service Points;

           VMX Engineer Academy;

           Ultra-low Failure Rate

  • Passionate Team
           10 YEARS Business Management Experience

           NO.1 in Shenzhen LED Display Industry Skills Competition