VisualMAX LED display delivers amazing visual experience in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from mission-critical control rooms to exciting concerts and sports competitions to constantly changing outdoor environment.

Rental & Stage

From touring concert to cooperate events, VMX provides professional video solutions for fast installation, friendly control and supreme visual image with its creative LED display, media server and accessories.

  • · Touring concert
  • · Conference
  • · Music festivals
  • · Exhibition
  • · Cooperate events

From broadcast rooms to retail, VMX LED display presents exceptional images in mission-critical places and indoor commercial space.

  • · Broadcast Room
  • · Control Room
  • · Retail stores
  • · Hospitality

From billboards to shopping malls, VMX outdoor commercial LED display is always robust enough to perfectly present all tailor-made content to make every brand's voice heard.

  • · Transportation
  • · Billboard
  • · Media Facade
  • · Shopping Mall

VisionMAX Project

VisualMAX is dedicated to provide professional visualization solutions and digital media solutions for multiple industries including broadcasting, transportation, education, utility, military, government, retailing, etc.

Outdoor advertising screen in Bangkok shopping mall

LV Store

Sky sports studio broadcast room

Uber taxi roof LED advertising display

Press Center

Keep updated with VisualMAX about the latest display technologies, products and industry trends.

VMX Opening Ceremony

On May 20, 2022, VMX held a grand and attention-getting opening ceremony in Jianfa Yuefu Plaza to pronounce the opening of Shenzhen VisionMax Technology Co., Ltd(VMX).

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Good screen like a tide!

the commercial LED display has become a new bright spot in the display industry

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