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VMX Venus Plus LED display for concerts and tours
Slim, but Strong.
Modular Design. Supports both front and rear maintenance, the integrated  PSU box make repair and replacement of spare parts easy and cost-effective.
Faster and Safer ON-SITE PSU box replacement. Patented PSU box unlocking design, unfasten the safety lock and pull out, 2 s teps & one hand operated, to solve the problem that the large screen PSU box  is not easy to replace and the poor flatness after replacement.
Platform Design. Different pixel modules can be used on one  cabinet frame, save money on product, accessories and training.
Fast and Easy Set-up. Auto-lock system for fast and easy one man installation  with ultimate safety and pixel protection.
Innovative Curve Lock System. ·7.5° convex to 7.5° concave, 2.5°/unit ·3 steps to set-up
VMX LED rental & stage application - VN Plus Series
VN Plus Series Specification - VisionMax LED rental & stage