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VisionMax LED Solution for Virtual Production

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused countries around the world to take safety measures and cautiously seek to reopen, resulting in restrictions on film and television productions and large-scale offline events. Virtual production has accelerated the rapid development of XR virtual production by moving crews from the risks of travel and on-site shooting into a virtual but controlled environment. With the advantages of higher efficiency and lower production cost of virtual production, as well as the maturity of technology, capital and market, virtual production is in the ascendant all over the world. Various film and television platforms, academies and event companies in countries and regions headed by North America and Europe have built XR Stage and LED Volume. Virtual production is becoming an important way for global film and television shooting and offline activities.

Virtual Production is a process for content creation that uses a suite of software and hardware tools that allow studios to combine live-action footage and computer graphics in real-time. Contributors across multiple locations can create and render digital environments, while actors and crew members are physically working on set.

Virtual production set components include LED panels, cameras, a camera tracking system, generative or real-time content, content mapping software and hardware.

virtual production system

Shooting in an LED wall involves capturing in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) shots of actors or props shot against photo-realistic 3D graphics displayed on the LED wall. The virtual graphics displayed on the wall accurately change in real-time providing the correct perspective view to match the tracked camera and its lens settings.

ICFVX is the process of capturing visual effects live and in-camera on set, the content on the LED wall has to blend perfectly into the scene being shot, so that the content on the LED wall captured by the camera looks like the real scene.

case of VisionMax virtual production studio

LED Volume and XR stage uses exactly the same process, but very often the entire production of LED volume is captured in-camera, without the need for set extensions.

xR stage and LED volume

In virtual production, LED on camera is more than just the eyes. Not any LED panels are suitable for virtual production, VMX's extensive cases and tests show that color reproduction, HDR, maximizing the quality of camera image, synchronization of the whole system, etc are very important.

VisionMax virtual production LED solutions will focus on providing a stable LED performance and perfect ICVFX. Through collaboration and research with VP solution integrators, film and television production companies, equipment manufacturers, we have developed the VN Pro series for virtual production.

VisionMax VN Series

In the future, VMX will continue to increase its investment in virtual production, actively participate in the testing and research of the global virtual production ecological chain, constantly improve the performance of LED in cameras, better serve customers and lead the development direction of the industry.