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VisionMax Wins Coveted Red Dot and iF Design Awards 2023

The results of the 2023 German Red Dot and iF Design Award were announced recently. VisionMax's VN series, which is applied into LED rental and stage, has won 2 iF Design Awards and 1 Red Dot Design Award for its innovative and functionally differentiated product development and design advantages.

iF Design Award, Red Dot Award and the IDEA Award are known as the world's three major design awards, and are recognized globally as one of the highest awards representing outstanding design quality.

Award-winning Products

winners of iF and reddot design award

Our VN Series and VNT Series' cart system win the honor of these two awards.

VisionMax's VN Plus series has developed a patented PSU box unlocking system. Whether the problem lies in the power supply, HUB or connector, it will only take 2 seconds - PRESS and PULL to disassemble the problem control box, which significantly saves time and reduces the difficulty of on-site maintenance.

VN Series locking system

For large-scale outdoor rental activity scenarios, the VN series adopts the industry's first guide-rail touring frame. When unfolded, the wind-resistant frame can be used as a climbing ladder, in that case, maintaining on-site is more convenient and fast for engineers.

VNT Series touring frame

The VNT series is equipped with a new cart system, which is applied to the transportation and loading of LED displays. The cart system can better reduce manual handling, reduce the difficulty of disassembly and replacement, and can provide customized solutions for the diverse transportation transition needs in touring scenes.VNT Series hanging installation and cart system

The winning of three international awards is the authoritative affirmation of VisionMax's high-quality design ability by the international jury. VisionMax will remain dedicated to the three areas of rental & stage, conference display and virtual production; deep diving into customer needs scenarios while strictly controlling product quality, so as to continually develop and design more and more innovative and valuable products.