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Tips to Choose LED Displays for VP - Something Matters but No One Has Told You Before

As virtual production becomes increasingly popular, more and more studios are investing in LED panels to enhance their production value and create immersive environments for their projects. From the perspective of studio operators, LED screens are a kind of asset that has continuous business value. In that case, investing in high-quality LED screens is crucial to ensure long-term success and profitability.


- So, what are high-quality LED screens for virtual production studios?

- Those that provide high-quality images and stable performance are high-quality LED screens.


To be more specific, consider these 4 things that really matter but few people talk about:

· Light Diode: It is widely understood that the lighting is provided by the light diodes fixed on the surface. There are four things you need to consider when talking about light diodes.

Contrast Rate

The contrast rate is the measure of an LED screen's ability to showcase rich blacks and minimize reflection. To enhance the contrast rate, it is often preferable to utilize black holders and secure the light diodes with epoxy resin.


To ensure optimal visual quality during virtual production, it is recommended to strike a balance between contrast rate and brightness. Typically, an increase in contrast leads to a decrease in brightness. However, in the context of virtual production, both a high contrast rate and high brightness of up to 12000 nits are desired. To address this challenge, a practical solution is to opt for larger chips commonly utilized in outdoor scenarios for your LED screen. This approach effectively resolves the issue at hand.


The next aspect to consider is consistency. It is recommended to minimize performance disparities among the light diodes in order to achieve color uniformity. Always aim to maintain a spectral ratio of 1:1.2, as it greatly enhances color consistency.

Viewing Angle

Last but not least, the viewing angle. When it comes to virtual production shooting, the viewing angle plays a crucial role in determining the overall color accuracy. It is an essential factor to consider because the arrangement of light diodes directly impacts how colors are perceived from different angles.

· Power Supplier: To ensure consistent performance, it is crucial to have a reliable and efficient power supplier. This involves utilizing top-notch chips in the battery to ensure stable operation. One internationally recognized standard is Production Compliance. Additionally, opt for a power supplier that employs a high-efficiency heat dissipation structure. By doing so, any potential increase in heat will have little impact on the performance of your LED display.

· Scan Rate: Consider the scan rate of the LED panels to ensure smooth video playback and avoid flickering or visual artifacts. The scan rate is the standard ratio of driver chips to pixels on the LED panel. Generally, a higher scan rate is desirable as it offers greater flexibility. However, it should be noted that a higher scan rate also necessitates the use of more driver ICs, which can lead to increased costs. In virtual production, the ideal range is from 1/4 to 1/16. When go lower than that range, you will need plenty of testing.

· Driver IC: Choose LED panels with high-quality driver ICs, as they are responsible for controlling the gray rate, brightness, refresh rate, etc. of the LED display. Good driver ICs that come equipped with LED failure isolation, high contrast interference improvement, and an integrated ghost elimination circuit can greatly alleviate a multitude of issues. There are many different types of driver ICs available with varying price levels. Choose the right one that matches your budget.

These factors are vital for achieving optimal performance and cost-effectiveness when choosing LED panels for virtual production. We trust that these often-overlooked yet significant considerations will assist you in making the most informed decision for your unique requirements.